CFATS Long Term Funding on Hold

Both the Senate and House have put the brakes on efforts to provide long term funding for the CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) program. Despite enthusiasm to move beyond year-by-year appropriations, both chambers are now questioning the efficacy of program implementation. The program is funded through October 2012.

At issue is a DHS internal report that calls into question whether and how many security plan approvals and compliance inspections have taken place to support assertions of program success. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), sponsor of S 473 that would have extended the funding authorization for several years, has stated that she will call for an investigation of the report findings before asking that her bill move forward. Similarly, it would appear that the House Energy & Commerce and Homeland Security Committees will delay further action on HR 908 and HR 901, their respective seven year funding measures for CFATS.

None of the proposals, at present, include requirements that would apply to water or wastewater facilities.