AWWA TEC Issues RFPs for Drinking Water Related Project Contracts

AWWA’s Technical and Educational Council (TEC) has issued several Request for Proposals (RFPs) for a variety of drinking water system related projects.  The due date for contract proposals is February 17, 2017.  Please forward this information on to your colleagues and networks as appropriate.  Following is the list of RFPs and the associated contract funding amounts:

  • Communicating Source Water Protection Efforts in Consumer Confidence Reports ($8,000)
  • Guidance for Water Utilities on Managing the Implementation of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in Community Water Systems ($13,000)
  • Operator Licensing Requirements Across the United States: Levels and Effects ($19,000)
  • The level of progress of Utilities in implementing Safety Management Programs ($8,500)
  • Water Utility Disinfection Survey ($12,000)

The link to the RFPs, along with the terms, conditions, requirements, and evaluation process for potential contractors can be found here.  Proposals and questions should be submitted to Alex Gerling of AWWA at