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Region 3 AWOP Planning Meeting and Workshop

The TSC optimization team, in partnership with the Region 3 AWOP team, led a program implementation meeting on December 12-14, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA.  Meeting participants included a mix of those regularly involved (i.e., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, EPA’s Drinking Water Protection Branch and ASDWA), as well as those interested in learning more about the program (i.e., personnel from New Jersey and EPA Regions 1 and 5). Michigan, which recently announced their intent to join AWOP, attended this as their first multi-state AWOP meeting.

All participants provided reports on their recent AWOP activities and/or their interest in the program.  The technical topic, distribution system data integrity, was embraced by participants as a potential activity for smaller systems. Topic discussed during the strategic planning meeting included Legionella (i.e., understanding treatment options, approaches for consecutive systems); next steps for new/interested AWOP states; flushing approaches to enhance water quality; drinking water program metrics; and simultaneous compliance challenges. (Alison Dugan, US EPA – TSC)