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Tools to Use – Protecting Your Utility from Harmful Algal Blooms

Increasingly, utilities face harmful algal bloom or HAB challenges as they try to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to their customers. HABs can create toxins that are difficult to treat, which can lead to prolonged drinking water outages that can impact both human health and a community’s economy.  Listed below are some of EPA Water Security Division’s tools that can help as water systems strive to deal with HABs.

 Click here! to check out this video and these tools to learn how to protect your utility and customers from harmful algal blooms.


Incident Action Checklist for Harmful Algal Blooms For on-the-go convenience, the actions in this checklist are divided up into three “rip & run” sections and are examples of activities that surface water utilities can take to prepare for, respond to and recover from harmful algal bloom (HAB) incidents.

Response On-The-Go Mobile Application and Website EPA’s new mobile app for iPhone and Android helps response personnel and water utility operators access key response information – including severe weather watches and warnings, emergency contacts, emergency checklists, damage assessment forms, and ICS resources – on your mobile device during an emergency.