Webinar on Legionella Monitoring

In cooperation with NSF International, the Water Research Foundation (WRF) will be having the first of three webinars on Legionella next week! This free webcast will provide valuable, practical information on Legionella technology and management in building water systems.  The webinar, Understanding Analytical and Monitoring Methods for Legionella in Building Water Systems, will be held Tuesday, September 18, 2018, from 3:00 – 4:30 EDT.

Join speakers Laura Boczek (EPA) and Janet Stout (Sp Path Labs) as they talk about analytical methods, monitoring, techniques, frequencies and more. With over 500 people signed in, this webinar is highly anticipated in the building water health community.

Register for the first Legionella webinar on September 18th and learn more about analytical and monitoring methods in building water systems.

This series of webinars was derived from the conference Managing Legionella in Building Water Systems held in May in Baltimore, Maryland this year. Topics for the second and third webcasts will be as follows:

  • Legionella Management Technologies for Prevention and Mitigation
  • Legionella Management and Guidelines
The exact dates for the second and third webinars are to be determined.