SDWIS Community Update – SDWIS Prime Pilot Phase

SDWIS Community,

We are happy to announce that in October, as discussed in the July ASDWA Data Management Users Conference, we will be initiating the SDWIS Prime Pilot Phase. As described in the attached high-level Pilot activity plan, the Pilot Phase will have two periods. A primary focus of the first period is data migration: continuing and completing the build out of migration data quality checks and having each Pilot primacy agency perform iterations of data quality checks and data clean-up activities. This period may take several months, dependent upon the extent of data clean up necessary. The second period will focus on each Pilot primacy agency testing Prime using its own migrated complete set of data and completing primacy agency work flow adjustments in preparation for using Prime. The Pilot activity plan describes additional activities in both periods.

In related news, the deployment of the updated version of SDWIS Prime (with the new 31 BRE Test cases) to EPA’s National Computing Center is proceeding on schedule. The deployment started on September 21. We expect this version to be available to the community by mid-October. Once the software is available, EPA will schedule a kick-off webinar demoing Prime functionality, use of the sample entry screen, and one of the test cases. The webinar will also show how submit comments/questions and where users can go to find instructions on using the Prime interface.

Please see the following document for detailed information on the SDWIS Prime Pilot Phase:

SDWIS Prime Pilot Phase 9-25-18

Thank you,

The SDWIS Prime Team