Editorial Correction to Final PFAS Rule Published in Federal Register

On June 25, EPA published a new Federal Register Notice with a “PFAS National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR); Correction.” The correction does not change anything about the rule. It only applies to changing the table numbers Sections 141.60 and 141.61.

The FR text says, “The EPA inadvertently listed incorrect entry designations in § 141.61. This document corrects the designation of entries in the tables in § 141.61(c)(1) and § 141.61(c)(2). With the corrections to § 141.61(c)(1) and § 141.61(c)(2), the subsequent tables in § 141.61(c) are also renumbered; tables 5 and 6 are changed to tables 3 and 4. These corrections to § 141.61 are also now reflected appropriately in amendatory instructions 7 and 8. This document corrects the final regulation.”