Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP)

An Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) is a multi-state effort in which states work together to develop and implement individual state programs to optimize particle removal and disinfection capabilities of conventional surface water treatment plants in each state. AWOP is designed to assist water systems work toward optimizing their existing treatment processes in an effort to increase public health protection.  While originally developed to address microbial contaminants, AWOP has expanded beyond the original tools and is an ever-changing and ever-growing program that now addresses both microbial contaminants and disinfection byproducts in surface water systems.  Initial steps are also being taken to investigate how to extend the optimization concept to ground water systems.

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A study examining contamination of total coliform samples

A study examining contamination of total coliform samples

The Area-Wide Optimization Program’s (AWOP’s) initial focus on managing disinfectant residuals in distribution systems (DSs) started in the 2008-2009 time-frame....

Region 10/8 Area-Wide Optimization Program  

Region 10/8 Area-Wide Optimization Program  

The TSC optimization team, in partnership with EPA Region 10, led a program implementation meeting October 23-25, in Portland, OR. ...

Streamlined hydrant sampler redesign: smaller, lighter, and less expensive

Streamlined hydrant sampler redesign: smaller, lighter, and less expensive

The TSC optimization team has successfully piloted a redesigned hydrant sampler for distribution system investigative sampling. The new design reduces...

Oregon HABs Workshop

Oregon HABs Workshop

On August 23rd, TSC participated in the Oregon Health Authority Permanent Cyanotoxin Regulation Workshop/Webinar. TSC presented information on the EPA...

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AWOP Program Contacts

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Process Applications Inc.

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