ASDWA’s News Blogs: Help and FAQs

While some of us have used blogs before, and may be familiar with the basics, others may want a little instruction on how to get the most out of things.  To get started, here are a few resources to help out.  If you have any questions about any of this information, feel free to contact Anthony of ASDWA directly at aderosa(at)

What if I’m stranded on an island with nothing but my smartphone or iPad?  …can I still access important ASDWA information? Of course!  Not only are ASDWA News Blogs mobile-friendly – you can go directly to the URL in any mobile browser – but all of you Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and tablet users can download the Wordpress App from their respective marketplaces.  Just do a quick search for “Wordpress”, download the official app to your mobile device of choice, and start adding your favorite blogs for fast access.  Alternatively, you could add the RSS Feed [http://[blog title]] to your mobile device’s RSS Reader to keep track of the News that way.  Here’s a load of information on the different apps that you can get for Wordpress Blogs, if you’d like to learn more:

If you’re a Flipboard user, feel free to contact Anthony at ASDWA for tips on setting up a custom Flipboard for any ASDWA blog.

For more information about ASDWA’s News Blogs, visit