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Second Partial Government Shutdown Should be Averted

Second Partial Government Shutdown Should be Averted

On Thursday (2/14) night, both sides of Congress passed the remaining appropriations bills and sent them to the President for...

Expected Funding for FY19: A Closer Look at Drinking Water

Both chambers of Congress have passed an appropriations package to keep the government operating through the end of the 2019 fiscal...

Agenda Firming Up for ASDWA Member Meeting

Agenda Firming Up for ASDWA Member Meeting

Since it appears that a second partial government shutdown has been averted, several speakers have confirmed for ASDWA’s Member Meeting...

EPA Releases PFAS Action Plan

EPA Releases PFAS Action Plan

This morning (2/14), EPA released its PFAS Action Plan. The Plan has 64 pages of text, so it takes some...

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ASDWA Reports: Impacts to State Resources

ASDWA collects data, conducts analysis, and provides policy recommendations to educate decision-makers on the states’ perspective on drinking water issues that impact its members.
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Beyond Tight Budgets (December 2018)Costs of States' Transactions Study [CoSTS] (April 2018)Insufficient Resources for State Drinking Water Programs Threaten Public Health (December 2013)

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The Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA) is the professional Association serving state drinking water programs. Formed in 1984 to address a growing need for state administrators to have national representation, ASDWA has become a respected voice for state primacy agents with Congress, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other professional organizations.

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Keeping Water at the Top of Everyone’s Mind

One of the most important roles ASDWA has is to make sure no one stops thinking about water. Whether that means spending time on the Hill to speak with Congressional staff about drinking water issues, or expanding the reach of our communications to the public by way of social media, ASDWA is constantly working to advance our message of public health protection on behalf of our members. Having safe drinking water is taken for granted by many, so ASDWA continually emphasizes drinking water’s importance for public health and for the economy.

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