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These are the most common questions individuals ask when using the site. If you do not see a section that applies to an issue you’re experiencing, or if you have a recommendation for how we can improve these materials, please do not hesitate to contact Anthony at ASDWA.

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Do I need an ASDWA ID to use the site? Public vs. Member Information

You do not need an ASDWA ID to use this website ( There is a log-in box linked through the header on every page, but you do not need to log-in to interact with our public content. ASDWA IDs are specifically used by our Members and Associates to access protected areas of our site. Please visit the Login page to request an ASDWA ID by filling out the form linked through that section.

Requesting Access to Protected Content

ASDWA Members, their staff, and EPA representatives can request an ASDWA ID by sending an email to the site administrator, or by visiting the Login page and using the ASDWA Login Request Form.


Where can I find information on upcoming conferences or events?

All of ASDWA’s Conference and Event listings, including webinars, can be accessed through the Events page.

Where can I find information from past conferences or events?

Recently past conference and webinar materials can be accessed from the Events page. Click “Past Events” to access older events and any summary materials collected. If you’re looking for webinar recordings, select the “Webinar Recordings” filter at the top of the Events page to see a list. If you do not see the event you’re looking for, please contact Anthony DeRosa of ASDWA through the Contact Us page.

Can I register online for ASDWA events?

Absolutely! Look for registration options in the detail view for any event or webinar on our Events page.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page is accessible in the top right of the page header – visible on every page. Use this form to send an email to the web administrator if you are experiencing technical issues or have a question. You may also send a message to

For Registered Users of

Entering the Forums

There are a few ways to access the ASDWA Forums:

  1. Use the link in the top navigation. All registered users of the website have access to the ASDWA Forums. When an individual is logged into the site, they will see a link in the top navigation called “Forums”, under “Members”. If you are logged into the site, but do not see this link, please contact the site administrator to check your profile permissions.
  2. You may click the link at the bottom of the email notification you receive as part of a category subscription to the Forums.

ASDWA’s News Blogs

Interested in following an ASDWA News Blog? You can learn more at

ASDWA’s UserVoice Forums

All ASDWA UserVoice forums are located at Look to the lower right-side box for a list of all available ASDWA UserVoice forums. Please note, you must be signed in to view protected forums.

If you need additional direction, look for a link to ASDWA UserVoice Guide available at the top of every ASDWA UserVoice forum.