Data Management

Over the next few years, data management activities will focus on the development of a modern Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS). ASDWA continues to work with our partners at EPA, with the support of state representatives, on various committees and focus groups that to manage the development of SDWIS and govern drinking water data management into the future.

The Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)

Looking for more information on SDWIS? ASDWA maintains a SDWIS User Community with helpful information about both the Legacy system and information related to modernization efforts. Users have access to SDWIS Legacy software and documentation, and quick links to EPA resources [SharePoint and Zendesk]. Submit a Login Request Form to obtain credentials. Please note, ASDWA credentials will not work to access EPA-owned resources, like SharePoint or Zendesk.

ASDWA is also revamping the SDWIS User Community Discussion Forums. The forums are designed to provide users with quick access to peer-based support for the Legacy software and to facilitate discussion around modernization-based topics. When a user posts a question to the discussion forum, all subscribers within the community receive a notification. If someone can help with the question, they will post a reply. ASDWA is working on a redesign of the forums, along with improved documentation, to ensure this useful resource is ready to meet the needs of the community as we move towards Prime Transition and official support channels for Legacy are retired. When you request access to the SDWIS User Community, you will gain access to the Forums [and subscribed to receive notifications of newly posted items]. Right now, the Forums are fully functional – we’re simply working to improve the user experience. If you have any questions, reach out to Anthony ASDWA.

Staying in the loop on SDWIS – with all of the various distribution lists and moving parts, it can be challenging to know how best to stay in the loop with what’s happening with SDWIS. ASDWA is currently working with EPA on ways to centralize all SDWIS communications to reduce confusion, but for now, here are some options to get you started:

  • Email Distribution Lists – a good first step would be to contact ASDWA and EPA to ask to be added to their email distribution lists. These are separate lists, each maintained by their respective organization.
  • ASDWA’s Update – ASDWA’s electronic newsletter covering all of the major happenings in drinking water from all ASDWA news feeds. This is a great option to track SDWIS updates on a weekly or daily basis, without cluttering up your inbox with more notifications. Follow the instructions at to learn more about adding SDWIS Prime to your ASDWA Weekly Update.
  • SDWIS News RSS – if you’re a savvy RSS user, you can track the information coming out of ASDWA’s SDWIS news feed at
  • SDWIS Prime Twitter – all of the content that gets published through the SDWIS news feed is also routed through Twitter if you prefer to keep up with your news that way. The feed is private, so you must request access to follow @ASDWAorg_SDWIS.

Concerning the options outlined above, it’s important to note that, other than the email distribution lists, all of the content in the news feed, RSS, Twitter, and  ASDWA Update is the same and you only need to choose one option.

If you have questions or need help determining the best option to meet your needs, feel free to contact Anthony of ASDWA.

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EPA and States Launch New SDWIS Modernization Board

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EPA Extends Application Due Date for Exchange Network Grant Applications until April 10, 2020

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SDWIS Project Update: Winter 2020

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EPA to Host Webinars on FY 2020 Exchange Network Grant Solicitation

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