House Budget Committee Agrees on FY 18 Spending

Late Wednesday, after more than 12 hours of negotiations, the House Budget Committee approved $1.3 trillion for FY 18 funding.  This is essentially the same figure that House Appropriations Subcommittees have been working from informally.  Interestingly, the budget calls for approximately $200 billion in reductions for mandatory spending programs over the next 10 years.
What may be more interesting is what the Committee did not support.  Several Democrats on the Committee offered amendments to the budget but all were defeated.  Among those amendments were:

  • Reinstate EPA FY 18 funding to current levels
  • Add $500 million over the next 10 years for states to address global warming
  • Eliminate funding for the proposed border wall.

It remains to be seen whether the budget resolution holds as the House Appropriators continue their work.