ASDWA Submits Comments on Proposed National Water Program Guidance

On Tuesday, August 1st, ASDWA submitted comments on the EPA’s proposed National Water Program Guidance (NWPG) for 2018-2019.  The NWPG details the National Performance Goals for the Office of Water for implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the Clean Water Act (CWA).  ASDWA’s comments focused on improving source water protection through linking the SDWA and the CWA, as well as asking EPA to continue moving PFOA and PFOS through the regulatory development process, as opposed to leaving them in a “regulatory limbo” with the current health advisories with no planned regulatory movement.  ASDWA didn’t suggest setting MCLs for PFOA and PFOS, rather, just to continue moving through the regulatory development process, as the activities in the NWPG for both EPA and the states for reducing exposure sounded a lot like standards, without a national standard being in place.
NPM fy18-19-external-comments-ASDWA 08012017 Final