AWWA Article Describes Operational Limits for Fluoride

Last year, CDC issued a new recommended level for fluoride in drinking water to support good dental health.  The new number (0.7 mg/L) replaces the previous recommendation that was expressed as a range.  Since, operationally it’s impossible to hit one number 100% of the time, some range for operational control is needed.  One part of the development of an achievable control range, is a peer reviewed study that examines what is feasible in actual water system operation.  That study has been completed and the results are in the current AWWA Journal.
This is the key first step in CDC’s process to issue an operational tolerance for the new recommended level.  Now that this is published, they will move forward with finalizing an operational range for publication in the Federal Register.  That next step is expected fairly soon.  ASDWA will provide an update when the final operational information is released.
Follow this link to access the JAWWA article: