IG Calls WaterSense a Success

EPA’s Office of Inspector General (IG) has recently determined that EPA’s voluntary water conservation program, WaterSense, has demonstrated success.  The IG recognized that the Agency’s program has identifiable goals and is able to measure performance.   Consumers have saved over 1.5 billon gallons of water using WaterSense rated plumbing products.  The program generated approximately $1,100 in customer savings for every Federal dollar expended.
WaterSense is one of the EPA programs that the new administration has proposed eliminating in its FY 18 budget request as a means of focusing EPA on its core regulatory responsibilities.  The House Appropriations Committee has retained funding for the WaterSense program in its funding bill.  It remains to be seen how the measure will fare on both the House Floor and, if passed there, in the Senate.
For more information on the IG report, including a podcast, visit: https://www.epa.gov/office-inspector-general/report-epas-voluntary-watersense-program-demonstrated-success.