ASDWA Participates in Review of EPA Water Security Test Bed

EPA’s Homeland Security Research Center, in partnership with Idaho National Laboratories (INL), has constructed a test bed for experiments on water contamination, detection, and decontamination at the INL facilities outside of Idaho Falls, ID. EPA has conducted its first phase of research, using 450 feet of previously used 8-inch cement-mortar lined iron pipe, and includes fire hydrants, valves, and a section of pipe with coupons.  The test bed also includes an indoor plumbing facility with a hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, and utility sink.  The test bed discharges into a 28,000-gallon lagoon that can be used for testing decontamination technologies.  EPA invited five outside experts to provide input on future research needs.  ASDWA’s Executive Director, Alan Roberson, participated in the tour of the test bed facility and the resultant research needs discussions.  EPA and INL are looking at options to expand the piping and the scope of its research at the water test bed facility, as this facility provides a unique opportunity for full-scale research on a variety of important water security issues.