Nearly 60 Capacity Development & Operator Certification Coordinators Meet with EPA’s Sustainable Systems Team and Technical Assistance Providers

Representatives from 23 states, one territory, and District of Columbia within EPA Regions 1-5 came together earlier this week, in person, to participate in the Multi-Regional Capacity Development and Operator Certification Workshop in Arlington, Virigina.  Many participating states sent both their Operator Certification and Capacity Development Coordinators to the Workshop.  EPA was also able to set up a remote access capability so that those not able to travel could see and hear the presentations.
The Workshop theme – Programmatic Tune-Ups:  Revving Your Engines for Success – inspired presenters and participants to delve into discussions surrounding noteworthy practices in both state capacity development and operator certification practices; program coordination and collaboration needs and values; building successful operators, water system partnerships; building capacity through effective use of DWSRF setasides; and moving boards in the right direction.  States provided case studies of both their success and their ongoing challenges.
States and EPA staff were joined for the second half of the two-day event by several technical assistance providers. They received a special welcome from both Peter Grevatt, Director of EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, and Alan Roberson, Executive Director of ASDWA.  Representatives from ABC, UNC’s Environmental Finance Center, RCAP, NRWA, and AWWA all brought and their perspectives and were an important factor in enriching the discussions.
In the interest of timeliness, ASDWA has agreed to post presentations from the Workshop.  More information will be provided when the presentations are made available.