David Ross from Wisconsin Nominated as EPA Assistant Administrator for Water


On Sunday, September 2nd, President Trump announced his intention to nominate several individuals for key positions within his Administration, including David Ross of Wisconsin for EPA’s Assistant Administrator (AA) for Water. His name has been floating around “Inside the Beltway” for a couple of months, but this announcement makes it “official”. Mr. Ross currently serves as the Director of the Environmental Protection Unit for the Wisconsin Department of Justice. He previously served as a senior assistant attorney general in the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, where he represented the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality on water quality matters. Prior to entering public service, Mr. Ross practiced environmental law in Washington DC and worked as an environmental consultant in California.
Matthew Leopold from Florida was also announced to be another AA for EPA, as General Counsel, in the same news release. He is currently a partner with the law firm of Carlton Fields in Tallahassee, and previously served as an environmental policy advisor in the Washington, D.C. office of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.