Nominate Experts for a National Academies Project on Legionella

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will be undertaking a project on the management of Legionella in water systems and they are looking for experts that would like to participate.  They are seeking volunteers with expertise in the ecology and control of Legionella, but they also seek volunteers with a background in “drinking water laws and policy”.  This is an opportunity for states to provide an important perspective.  National Academies reports are highly respected in the scientific community and can have a significant influence when EPA is considering regulations.  We encourage states to nominate staff for this project.  See more details on the project below and here.
An ad hoc committee of the Academies will review the state of science with respect to Legionella contamination of water systems and issue a report that will:

  • describe the microbial ecology of water supplies
  • identify primary sources and routes of human exposure to Legionella 
  • evaluate effective strategies for controlling and preventing Legionella 
  • review policies, codes, and guidelines that affect control and prevention of legionellosis
  • identify gaps in research and needs for additional research

Some of the specific questions on the regulatory component include:

  • What policies, regulations, codes, or guidelines affect the incidence, control, quantification, and prevention of legionellosis?
  • How might they be built upon to better protect the public?
  • How can Legionella control be best balanced with other water priorities?

Nominations are due by November 3, 2017.  You may make nominations on-line here.