The CROmibus Makes a Comeback

This article updates the December 13 “Cliffhanger” information on FY 18 Appropriations.
Last night, the House Appropriations Committee shared information on HJ Res. 124, their design for the next continuing resolution (CR).  The measure would fund the government through January 19, 2018 and also provide full FY 18 funding for Defense appropriations.  It is being called a CROmnibus (a term first coined for the FY 15 appropriations funding strategy) because it fully funds one program and continues existing funding levels for all other Federal programs only through January.
While no specific date has been set for a floor vote next week on this new measure, House Republicans appear confident that they have the votes with or without Democratic support.  This CR also includes funding to continue funding for the children’s health insurance program; however, other key funding concerns such as more disaster aid, restoration of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, and new money for underfunded coal miner pension plans are not part of the House resolution.  House leadership has said that there are plans to take these issues up separately in the near future.
The Senate is not likely to find the needed 60-vote support necessary for CROmnibus passage.  There is little support for the House version of the Defense Appropriations measure. Senate Democrats are also loath to support the House versions of the children’s health measure and have made it clear that no language regarding “the wall” would be acceptable.  Rather, the expectation is that they will strip out the Defense funding, pass a straightforward CR, and send the measure back to the House.  This will all have to happen quickly as midnight next Friday, December 22 is the expiration date for the current CR.