Senate Confirms Ross as New AA for Water

On Thursday afternoon, the Senate confirmed David Ross to be EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Water.  Ross had previously served as the Director of Wisconsin’s Environmental Protection Unit within the state’s Department of Justice.  Ross’ confirmation was paired with that of Matt Leopold to become the Agency’s General Counsel.  The Agency roster also saw last week’s confirmation of Susan Bodine to serve as the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA).
At the Regional level, all but two of EPA’s ten Regions now have confirmed Administrators.  Bob Kaplan continues to serve as Region 5’s Acting Administrator and Alexis Strauss holds the same Acting status for Region 9.  For the remaining Regions, the newly confirmed Regional Administrators are:  Alex Dunn (R-1), Peter Lopez (R-2), Cosmo Servido (R-3), Trey Glenn (R-4), Anne Isdal (R-6), Jim Gulliford (R-7), Doug Benevento (R-8), and Chris Hladick (R-10).