Infrastructure Plan Might be Released in January


Some recent news articles have speculated that the Administration’s infrastructure plan might be released in mid-January. The basics of the plan have stayed the same since discussions started earlier this year, with at least $200 billion in federal funding that would be leveraged with an additional $800 billion in state and local funding. Where the federal funding would come from, as well as potential sources for the state and local funding, and how the money would flow to specific infrastructure projects are details that aren’t clear at this time.
Moving from a plan to a final bill is going to be an arduous process, which is typical in this Congressional session. A recent article in The Hill details some of the potential legislative roadblocks (pun intended) for getting a bill through Congress in 2018. ASDWA will report on the release of the plan and will monitor any potential legislation as the bill(s) move through Congress in 2018.