EPA Begins Two Important Drinking Water Actions Next Week

EPA is diving into 2018 by starting two important drinking water actions next week. First, on Monday, January 8th, EPA is holding a 2-hour meeting to solicit input on future revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). The invitees to this meeting are associations that represent local and state elected officials such as the National Governors Association, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, etc., as well as water associations such as ASDWA, AWWA, AMWA, NRWA, etc. This meeting will not be available via teleconference or webcast. Written comments from the invited meeting participants are due within 60 days (in early March).

Second, EPA is kicking off the testing of SDWIS Prime V0.8 with a webinar on Wednesday, January 10th. For those that aren’t familiar with SDWIS Prime, it’s the software that almost all states use to run their drinking water programs and then report to EPA – so a new version (SDWIS Prime) is a big deal. This testing will continue through the end of February. SDWIS Prime V1.0 is scheduled to be released in May 2018, followed by a few more months of testing on this version. After the second round of testing is complete and full functionality is achieved, then general transition to Prime can begin, with an estimated timeframe of November 2018.