Bipartisan House Group Takes on Infrastructure

Forty-eight Democrats and Republicans, yesterday, came together in the House to propose some “how to” fixes for the Nation’s infrastructure.  Self-styled as The Problem Solvers Caucus, the bipartisan group has prepared a 14 page report that provides recommendations for action across a range of critical infrastructures including water and wastewater.

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure “…details bipartisan policy solutions that will improve our highways, roads and bridges, transit and railways, ports and airports, water and sewer systems, energy systems and the power grid, and broadband and communications networks.”  Solutions consider funding and financing, regulatory streamlining and reform, and initiatives such as lifecycle assessments.

The recommended solutions for water and wastewater (found on page 8) range across a number of options including increasing access to DWSRF and CWSRF funds; increasing funding for WIFIA; developing demonstrations programs to address affordability concerns; supporting high-risk, high-reward technology development; increased and expedited workforce development; adopting regionalization tools and amending Federal regulatory barriers; strengthening Federal efforts on HABs mitigation and prevention; and incentivizing green infrastructure for stormwater solutions.

As part of the report’s Executive Summary, the Caucus states that they believe “…we can build a 21st Century infrastructure network that will foster a truly 21st Century economy that works for every single American.”