The Crystal Ball Points to Another CR

Congressional insiders are projecting that Congress will need at least one more CR (continuing resolution) to get FY 18 spending bills in order and ready for passage.  Speculation is high that a measure lasting into March or early April is under discussion.  Progress has been slow toward meeting the February 8 expiration of the latest CR, principally because of the Senate impasse on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and House conservatives’ determination that any forward path includes their preferred funding increase for Defense.

Even if these problems were resolved today, the likelihood of avoiding another CR remains slim.  While appropriators have been tagging items to include in an Omnibus, the work isn’t finished.  Once a draft is shared among members for their review, it generally takes two to three weeks for a reasonable review of funding specifics for every Federal Agency.  Presuming that no changes would be necessary (most unlikely), it would take at least another week for the votes to be cast and counted.

Meanwhile, ASDWA has learned that Monday, February 12 is the date on which the Administration plans to release its budget request for fiscal year 2019.  ASDWA will continue to keep you informed.