May Conference on Legionella in Baltimore

States and others should plan to attend an important conference on Legionella on May 9-11, 2018 at the Hilton Baltimore.  “Managing Legionella and Other Pathogens in Building Water Systems” is sponsored by NSF International and the National Science Foundation.  It will cover a wide range of topics related to building water systems and Legionella.   Major topics to be covered during the conference include:

  • Root of the Problem – biofilms
  • Detecting and Quantifying Microbial Contamination – Monitoring and Analytical Techniques
  • Management Technologies for Prevention and Mitigation – Water Treatment Technologies: Pros and Cons
  • Status of Methodologies for Quantifying Risk – Risk Assessment and Risk Estimation
  • Plumbing System Design and Structural Contributing Risk Factors
  • Experiences in Managing Pathogens in Building Water Systems – Risk Management Case Studies in Hospitals and Buildings
  • Blueprints for Prevention and Protective Actions – Guidances, Standards, Policies, Water Safety Plans
  • Guidances and Requirements – State and Local

This will be a great opportunity for state drinking water program staff to understand the issues, whether they are active in Legionella control activities or just want to learn more about this #1 cause of waterborne disease outbreaks.

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