ASDWA Publishes New PFAS Web Page and Handout for States


ASDWA PFAS handout

ASDWA has published a new PFAS web page at, along with a new two-page Fact Sheet (handout) on “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and State Drinking Water Program Challenges.” The web page and handout provide some general information on the growing problem of PFAS; some specific information about state challenges for assessing and addressing drinking water impacts; a table of state PFAS standards and guidelines; and a brief summary of the recommendations provided in the ASDWA Letter to EPA and CDC on January 12th, which you will also find on the web page. In addition, the web page includes some summaries of state drinking water program PFAS efforts, along with a variety of resources and links (as drop downs from the page). Please visit the ASDWA web page for more information. For questions, please contact Deirdre Mason of ASDWA at