SDWIS Prime Update: January 2019

Hi everyone! Happy 2019!

All of us at EPA are very excited to be finally BACK IN THE OFFICE!!!

Thank you all for your support during the federal government partial shutdown and we appreciate your patience as we assess the impacts throughout this week. Our top priorities this week will be responding to the backlog of tickets in the ZenDesk help center, planning for CY19 Release 1 (CY19R1), and putting together a robust contingency plan for a possible second shutdown in February.

As a quick recap, on December 17, 2018, ASDWA and EPA held a webinar to kick-off our SDWIS Prime Community Engagement. Anthony also provided a very informative December 2018 Update that summarized changes and activities from November and December of 2018. Please review these two posts if you have not already.

Currently, there is a known bug with the “Security Administration” module of SDWIS Prime. We plan to block all user access to this module until a fix is implemented. In the meantime, if you have any new SDWIS Prime account creation and/or account maintenance needs, please submit your request via the SDWIS Prime ZenDesk help center. The other modules (Water System, Legal Entities, Violations, and Samples) are working as expected.

We look forward to providing another update to you all next week!