National Capacity Development and Operator Certification Workshop Held this Week

ASDWA and EPA held the 6th National Capacity Development and Operator Certification Workshop this week in Alexandria, VA with participants from 35 states and one territory, EPA Headquarters and many of the EPA regions, as well as USDA and technical assistance provider organizations. The workshop featured opening remarks from EPA and ASDWA and a variety of sessions with state presentations, discussions, and group activities on many different topics related to the two programs.

A key takeaway from the workshop was that states want to continue the dialogue by having additional meetings and exchanging resources, tools, and templates for other states to use as examples on topics such as: workforce, operator certification, and contract operators; promoting cybersecurity with small systems; and capacity assessment scoring and metrics for targeting assistance and funding to small and disadvantaged communities. ASDWA and EPA will be compiling the workshop presentations and action items for our continued work with states to help address these issues and as they continue to implement their capacity development and operator certification programs and efforts.

For more information and to view the agenda, visit the event webpage. To view the recordings of the virtual sessions, visit the past events webinar recordings webpage.