DOE Releases PFAS Strategic Roadmap

On August 18, the Department of Energy (DOE) released its PFAS Strategic Roadmap, which outlines the Department’s goals, objectives, and specific actions to address PFAS from now until 2025. The roadmap highlights four pillars that categorize DOE’s goals, objectives, and actions:

  1. Understand: Develop information concerning PFAS uses and environmental releases to characterize and assess the Department’s potential liabilities and risks.
  2. Manage and Protect. Safeguard the health and well-being of DOE’s employees, the public, and the environment by minimizing exposure to PFAS and addressing PFAS releases.
  3. Advance Solutions. Leverage expertise at DOE’s National Laboratories and collaborate with research partners to enhance PFAS knowledge and develop technological solutions.
  4. Communicate and Collaborate. Engage with regulators, Tribal nations, local communities, and stakeholders to ensure transparency on DOE’s PFAS progress and develop effective PFAS strategies.

The Department’s work under this roadmap includes testing for PFAS at all DOE-owned water systems and providing alternative drinking water supplies to DOE sites where PFAS is detected at concentrations exceeding federal or state regulatory limits.