FY23 Appropriations Update

The U.S. House of Representatives approved fiscal year 2023 appropriations under HR 8294 on July 20, 2022. The bill combines the text of six fiscal year 2023 spending bills for Transportation-HUD, Agriculture, Energy-Water, Financial Services, Interior-Environment, and Military Construction-VA. The Senate Appropriations Committee released their bills on July 28, 2022; however the bills have not yet been voted on by the senate. A summary of the senate Interior-Environment appropriations bill, as well as the full text are available.  As the government fiscal year comes to an end on September 30th, Congress will likely take up a stopgap funding measure to avoid a partial government shutdown, as requested by President Biden’s office last week. President Biden’s office will be providing technical assistance to congress on a short-term continuing resolution, expected to provide stopgap funding through mid-December.