Railway Strike Averted


This week, EPA posted information detailing collective bargaining negotiations between U.S. rail carriers and union-represented workers and potential impacts to the chemical supply chain. After the recent issuance of a report in August that included recommendations for ending the stalemate in negotiations, the rail carriers and unions reached a tentative agreement on September 15, potentially avoiding a stoppage of rail carrier service at the end of a negotiation cooling off period on September 16. This agreement may result in the lifting of embargoes on the transport of hazardous materials, allowing for production and transport of chlorine products to begin to return to normal levels.

On September 12, rail carriers began to issue embargoes on the transport of hazardous materials, which include chlorine products needed for water and wastewater treatment. The purpose of the embargoes is to avoid the potential for safety-sensitive and hazardous materials being left unsecured and unprotected in the event of a work stoppage.