Register for EPA’s Upcoming UCMR 5 Webinar


On October 26 and 27, EPA will hold a webinar for small and large water systems (PWSs), with the intent of heling PWSs learn about the Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5). Presentations during the webinar will provide an overview of the UCMR 5 program and information on monitoring schedules and locations, the Safe Drinking Water Accession and Review System (SDWARS), sample collection, and reporting requirements.

Click here to register. Please note that the same information will be repeated on both October 26 and 27.

Rule Background

In December of 2021, EPA published UCMR 5 to establish nationwide monitoring for 29 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and lithium ink drinking water served by PWSs. The rule requires participating PWSs to sample from 2023-2025 and report final results through 2026. America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 requires all small PWSs serving between 3,300 and 10,000 people to participate in UCMR (subject to availability of appropriations and lab capacity) and specifies that a representative sample of small PWSs serving fewer than 3,300 people participate.