EPA PFAS Analytic Mapping Tools Website and Webinar

EPA has released the new “PFAS Analytic Tools” web page that provides information about where PFAS has been found across the country, and will hold a webinar on Tuesday, January 10 at 1:00 pm ET. The PFAS Analytic Tools are presented on a map with filtering functions to provide data that are available nationally, as well as from states, tribes, water utilities, and communities that are conducting either voluntary or required testing for PFAS. The tools include information on Clean Water Act PFAS discharges from permitted sources, reported spills containing PFAS, facilities manufacturing or importing PFAS, federal PFAS investigation sites, PFAS waste transfers, and fish tissue, surface water and drinking water sampling results. The purpose of the tools is to help the public, researchers, and other stakeholders better understand potential PFAS source locations based on where testing has been done and what level of detections were measured. However, the data presented cannot be used to make nationally or statistically representative conclusions because of the varying differences in where and how PFAS were sampled.

For more information and to use the PFAS Analytic Tools, visit the EPA web page and register for the webinar here.