EPA Announces $100 million in Grants to Address Environmental Justice Issues

On January 10, EPA announced the availability of nearly $100 million in grants from the Inflation Reduction Act to advance environmental justice in underserved and overburdened communities across the country. These grants are the largest amount of environmental justice grant funding ever offered by EPA. This funding will further the goals of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice40 Initiative, which directed that 40% of the overall benefits of certain Federal investments go to overburdened communities. The grants will flow through two funding programs:

  • The Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Program (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program: EPA’s EJCPS Cooperative Agreement Program provides financial assistance to eligible organizations working on or planning to work on projects to address local environmental and/or public health issues in their communities.
  • The Environmental Justice Government-to-Government (EJG2G) Program: The EJG2G Program works to support and/or create model state activities that lead to measurable environmental or public health results in communities disproportionately burdened by environmental harms and risks.