EPA Releases Consumer Confidence Report Rule Revisions

Yesterday evening, EPA released its rule proposal for revisions to the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) in response to requirements of America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018. The proposal will include a 45-day public comment period following the proposed rule publishing in the Federal Register with a plan to finalize the rule by March 15, 2024 and require compliance by April 1, 2025. Some of the highlights from the proposal include:

  • Require water systems serving a population of greater than 10,000 to provide the CCR twice per year. The second delivery should include a 6-month update if applicable (violation, action level exceedance (ALE), new Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) results). However, systems without violation, ALE, or no new information in the 6-month period can resend the same report.
  • As part of primacy package applications, states will include a description of how they intend to support systems unable to provide translation assistance to limited English proficient consumers. States must also maintain translation support plans from large systems for 5 years.
  • States will submit compliance monitoring data (CMD) collected from water systems to EPA, including all monitoring data and related data for determining compliance.
  • CCRs will include information on corrosion control efforts.

Additionally, EPA will be holding two informational webinars for the CCR proposal: