Legal Petition for Review Filed by Three State Attorney Generals on EPA’s Cybersecurity Memorandum

On Monday, April 17th, the attorney generals for three states (Iowa, Arkansas, and Missouri) filed a legal petition in Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the implementation of EPA’s March 3rd interpretative memorandum on cybersecurity. In a news release, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird said “Rather than cleaning up our water, the Federal government is hurting Iowa’s small towns. At a time of soaring inflation, where it’s hard enough to make ends meet, the Federal government insists on making Iowans’ water bills more costly. We’re going to hold the Biden Administration accountable and protect Iowans’ pocketbooks.”

This Petition for Review asks the Court to hold unlawful and set-aside EPA’s March 3rd memorandum requiring states to impose new cybersecurity infrastructure mandates on water systems. More detailed briefs will likely be filed by both parties as this petition works its way through the legal process.