Register for the July 24 ASDWA HABs Webinar on State Coordination Across Programs

On Monday, July 24, 2023, from 1:00 – 2:30 pm (eastern time) ASDWA is hosting the second webinar in our series on Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). This webinar will feature presentations from Virginia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania that will discuss HABs coordination across state programs. The presentations and presenters are: 

  • Virginia’s ODW Harmful Algae Blooms Plan: This presentation on harmful algal blooms will focus on raising awareness about the detrimental effects of these blooms on human health. It will emphasize the importance of implementing an effective algal bloom response plan to mitigate the impacts and prevent future occurrences. The presentation will provide insights into the key components of the response plan, including early detection, monitoring, and appropriate management strategies, to ensure the well-being of both the environment and the community. Presenters:
    • Raven Jarvis, Source Water Protection, Office of Drinking Water, Virginia Department of Health
    • Dwayne Roadcap, Director, Office of Drinking Water, Virginia Department of Health
  • Colorado’s Collaborative Approach to Address Harmful Algal Blooms: This presentation covers Colorado’s partnership approach with industry, universities, drinking water providers, and waterbody managers to develop harmful algal bloom monitoring and response guidance. We will talk about how our multiagency team collaborates to respond to harmful algal blooms and provide educational resources. Presenter:
    • David Dani, Emerging Contaminants Coordinator, Colorado Water Quality Control Division, Department of Public Health & Environment
  • Pennsylvania’s Interagency Harmful Algal Blooms Task Force: HABs can have widespread impacts on human health, the economy, and the environment. Understanding and awareness of HABs have increased over the last several years in Pennsylvania. This presentation will share how members of Pennsylvania’s Interagency HABs Task Force, with representation from various agencies and commissions, work together to coordinate monitoring, response, and communication about HABs in the Commonwealth. Presenter:
    • Jill Anderson, Environmental Group Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water


The first ASDWA HABs webinar on AWOP and State Monitoring and Planning Efforts was held on May 11th and can be viewed here.