EPA Announces Framework for Addressing New PFAS and New Uses of PFAS

On June 29, EPA announced its framework for addressing new and new uses of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The framework outlines the Agency’s planned approach for evaluating new PFAS and new uses to ensure they pose no harm to human health and the environment before these chemicals are allowed to enter into commerce.

EPA will use this framework to distinguish uses that result in environmental releases and/or potential worker or consumer exposure from those that do not. Additionally, the Agency will require upfront testing for many PFAS. The data EPA will obtain on physical/chemical properties for any new likely persistent, bioaccumulation, and toxic PFAS under this Framework will also support EPA’s efforts under the National PFAS Testing Strategy.

EPA states that the application of the Framework “will help ensure that new PFAS won’t harm human health and the environment.” The Agency also notes that the framework will still allow certain PFAS to be used when exposures and releases can be mitigated. According to EPA, “the Framework will apply to new PFAS or new use notices that are currently under EPA review, as well as any that EPA receives in the future.” The Agency intends to offer a public webinar about the Framework later this summer.