Imagine a Day Without Water: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Safe Water

Water is life: it sustains everything and everyone around us. Yet, the value of water is often underestimated, taken for granted, and overlooked. On this National Day of Action, Imagine a Day Without Water, we want to bring into focus the indispensable role water plays in each of our lives and highlight the dedicated efforts of ASDWA’s members and partners in safeguarding our nation’s water supply.

ASDWA represents the dedicated professionals working tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that the water we use is safe and reliable every time we turn on the tap. State and territorial primacy agencies are the unsung heroes responsible for regulating and managing drinking water in our communities. They set and enforce water quality standards, conduct regular inspections, and provide vital guidance and technical assistance to water utilities day in and day out. Without their relentless dedication, oversight, and boots-on-the-ground, the quality of our water supply would be at risk.

Ensuring safe water is a collaborative effort–our partners, including our co-regulators at US EPA, water and wastewater operators, water organizations, and source water protection professionals all play crucial roles in ensuring our access to clean, safe water. EPA provides invaluable resources, research, and funding that empower primacy agencies to that action to improve water quality and respond to emerging challenges at the water systems they oversee. Our partner organizations dedicated to water conservation and education tirelessly advocate for clean water policies and provide vital support to communities facing water-related challenges. Those focusing on source water protection efforts work to prevent contamination and ensure the long-term sustainability of our water supply. Water operators themselves are the backbone of our water systems, as they operate and maintain the infrastructure that delivers clean water to our homes and businesses every single day.

A day without water would be a day of chaos and disruption. It’s a stark reminder of how we rely on this precious resource for nearly everything we do – from drinking to bathing, cooking, industry, agriculture, and more. The “Imagine a Day Without Water” initiative encourages us to appreciate the tireless efforts of those who work diligently to secure our water supply. Today, we recognize the hard work of our members and the dedicated water professionals nationwide in ensuring the safety and availability of water across the US. Water is not just a resource; it’s a lifeline, and it’s essential that we continue to support and value the efforts of those who make safe water accessible for all.