Congress Makes Little Progress in Avoiding the Next Federal Government Funding Deadline


On Thursday, 12/14, the House adjourned until January 9th for its Holiday recess without any resolution of the negotiations for a funding agreement for the Federal government for fiscal year 2024 (started on October 1, 2023). The Federal government is operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR), with staggered deadlines for the expiration of the CR funding. The CR funding will expire on January 19th for several agencies, and the funding for the balance of the government will expire on February 2nd.

The Senate has continued to work this week in attempt to reach an agreement on funding for Ukraine and Israel, that appears to be linked to border and immigration reform. These are complex issues to resolve, and, after returning from the Holiday recess, there will only be eight legislative days left for both chambers to figure out this funding dilemma. Another round of CR funding may be needed to avoid a potential government shutdown in early 2024.