President Biden Signs Six Spending Bills Totaling $460 Billion – Including More than $9 Billion in Funding for EPA

On March 9, President Biden signed six spending bills to fund many key federal agencies, averting a partial government shutdown. The legislation provides $9.16 billion for EPA, a decrease from fiscal year 2022, which provided the Agency with $10.135 billion. Within this funding, the legislation included multiple drinking water-related provisions.
  • Funds the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund at the fiscal year 2023 level of $1,126,101,000. Of this, $631,659,905 is marked to go to Community Project Funding (CPF) and Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) grants, also known as “earmarks,” leaving $494,441,095, less than 44% of the total available funding. This is an increase in the use of CDS/CPF grants from fiscal year 2023, which earmarked $609,255,899.
  • The Public Water System Supervision Grant saw a decrease in funding, dropping from $121,500,000 in FY23 to only $115,990,000 in FY24. From this funding, $12,000,000 is to further support States, Territories, and Tribes in addressing PFAS and other contaminants of emerging concern.
  • The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program received $72,274,000, an increase from FY23’s $68,000,000.