ECOS Launches PFAS Use in Industry Data Webpage

ECOS has announced the launch of its new PFAS in Industry Data webpage. This effort was conducted by an ECOS workgroup, consisting of experts from state environmental agencies, federal agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. The webpage provides an interactive “PFAS Use in Industry Table” from state data sources, information about considerations for evaluating further PFAS use in industries across the U.S., and links to other resources.

The ECOS workgroup ranked 13 industries for further investigation and adding data to the table. These included airport and fire training centers, sewage treatment, solid waste landfills, chemical manufacturing and processors, and more. Once the industries were ranked, state workgroup participants voluntarily gathered publicly-available information (e.g., site-specific reports, sampling data, published documents) to develop the contents of the table. ECOS will continue to update the list of industries as needed, and hopes more states will submit data for the table as it becomes available.