ASDWA Subscriptions

ASDWA maintains a series of news blogs that support various areas of the drinking water program. Below, you’ll find options for tracking the information that is most interesting to you in the format and frequency of your choosing. Interested in tracking multiple program areas? Check out ASDWA’s Weekly Update, which can be customized to include content from any combination of ASDWA’s news blogs. Looking for more frequent updates for a single program area [Source Water, SDWIS, Small Systems, etc]? Check out ASDWA’s individual news blogs or RSS options.

If you have questions or need help determining the best option to meet your needs, feel free to contact Anthony of ASDWA.

With respect to the options outlined above, it’s important to note that all of the content in the Weekly Update, News Blogs, and RSS feeds are the same and you only need to choose one option that best meets your needs.