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DMUC 2017: Pre-Conference Webinar Series

SDWIS Prime Community Testing Round 1

This webinar will provide the SDWIS community with information about how to do SDWIS Prime application testing during this first round of user acceptance testing (UAT), occurring April 24May 5. Testers will be testing the inventory and legal entity areas of SDWIS Prime, so during the webinar, EPA and the development team will orient the community to what to look for while testing, and how to make the most of interacting with the system. Testers will use the SDWIS Prime Zendesk website to provide feedback, so a demo and instructions will be provided about how to use Zendesk. Finally, there will be open Q and A during the webinar.

View a video capture of this webinar:


DMUC 2017 Pre-Conference Webinar Series: Federal Modernization

DMUC 2017 Pre-Conference Webinar Series: SDWIS Prime Community Testing Round 1 (Expanded Q&A Session)