Treatment Technology

As new treatment technologies are introduced, or as new regulations make different treatment technologies more advantageous, there is a need for states to share their expertise and experiences with each other. One state’s “cutting edge” technology may be another state’s “tried and true”. A state facing a new technology for the first time will be able to benefit from another state that has already approved the process or has practical experience with the technology in the field. Even where there is no prior experience to draw on, states working together can more easily identify outside experts in EPA, academia, consultants, or equipment manufacturers.


  • Chasing a Paradigm Shift- Ongoing Challenges in Adapting to the Membrane Filtration Guidance Manual – Brent Alspach
  • Membrane Filtration Checklist – a checklist for states to use to ensure that he information submitted by membrane equipment manufacturers is adequate for state approval.

Low Wavelength UV Issue

Status Reports on the Low Wavelength UV issue

A joint International UV Association (IUVA) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) work group has been addressing this issue for over a year. The documents below include a description of the issue, some interim steps recommended by the work group based on their initial work and a more recent update on the issue reflecting findings of ongoing research on the subject.