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Together, We Can Do More
Building a Stronger Drinking Water Community

Connecting our members is a vital component of ASDWA’s work. That’s why we configured Microsoft Teams sites covering various aspects of the drinking water program to connect our members and their staff in unprecedented ways, allowing for greater information and knowledge transfer and establishing a centralized “hub” of resources.

Use the button below to register once for access to all of our sites. Scroll down to the individual sign-up blocks if you’re only interested in specific program areas. Please direct questions or ideas to Anthony DeRosa (


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Each channel within the Rule Managers Team covers one of the major National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR). The general channel is for announcements, general discussion, and overview information on the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). When you register, you will have the option to sign up for all channels or only those for specific Rules you are interested in.





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The Data Community Team is accessible to state, EPA HQ, and EPA regional staff and features channels for SDWIS and SDWIS/Free users, Software and Documentation, and information on the DW-SFTIES/SDWIS modernization efforts.

Do you have a question about SDWIS? Register for the Data Community below and connect with your peers.





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The Cybersecurity Team site is for state drinking water program staff to connect, ask questions, and access resources, including videos, training announcements, templates, and guidance related to cybersecurity in the sector. States are encouraged to share their own resources. Team members will also find a channel dedicated to Cybersecurity Advisories – this is a live stream of advisories from CISA’s website.