APHL Newsletter

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) has just released their latest newsletter with information that will benefit the environmental/public health laboratory community.  The newsletter may also contain notices of interest to drinking water program staff who deal with laboratories and laboratory issues.  Included in this issue are articles about APHL news, federal news, state news, and upcoming courses.  In the APHL section, the organization is recruiting members for their State Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Subcommittee.  APHL membership is not required and states with laboratory certification programs may wish to consider participating in this group.  In the Federal News section, there is information on EPA’s budget and new initiatives to address chemical exposure. State news comes from Oregon, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan.  The Courses section includes announcements for the Water Quality Monitoring Conference and the Water Laboratory Alliance Security Summit, among others. 

You can access the complete newsletter at http://www.magnetmail.net/actions/email_web_version.cfm?recipient_id=179644873&message_id=961801&user_id=APHL.