EPA Launches Web Forum to Protect America’s Waters

On March 17th, EPA launched a web forum on how to best protect America’s waters.  

This is a short-lived (two-week period) forum for EPA to collect public input on how the agency can protect and improve the health of our waters by better managing some of the most significant water pollution problems facing our nation.  EPA wants to receive input from water professionals, advocates, and anyone interested in water quality issues about best solutions-from planning, scientific tools, low impact development, to green infrastructure and beyond-in controlling water pollution and how resources can be better focused to improve these efforts.  To join the discussion, log on to: http://blog.epa.gov/waterforum/.

The feedback received in the online forum will also help shape the discussion at EPA’s upcoming conference in April, “Coming Together for Clean Water”, where the Agency will engage approximately 100 lead water representatives on the Agency’s clean water agenda.  Two of ASDWA’s members are expected to attend.